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About Us

IE(I) Student Chapter, Chitkara University is one of the growing technical society in the university.

The society has been giving back to back successful events which have proved to be really helpful for the participants and also given them an opportunity to explore more and have a clear direction for their goals.

It is the one of those societies that believe in giving fair chances to everyone regardless of your year of study and thus, open core team interviews for all those who firmly believe in dedication and willing to work for the growth of the society.

The society also provides the members with certificates for their hard work and the efforts they put in for boosting their confidence which ultimately leads to a healthy work culture.

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Our Team

“Great things are never done by one person but by a team of people.” IE(I) Student Chapter (CSE), Chitkara University holds its flag high due to the contribution of different team members. The dedication of each member is what makes our work fun and therefore always special from others.

Recent Events

As quoted by Benjamin Franklin “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Events are a simple way of providing information to others and gaining new experiences by conducting them. IE(I) Student Chapter, Chitkara University conducts various events that are not only informative but always give new hope to people to learn more and achieve great heights in life.